Progress of a Painting


This drawing started from a photo I took . I am teaching myself  photography and am a definite novice! So it took me hours of playing with all the articles in the painting as well as the lighting . The drawing took me two days! That is a lot of time spent, but is an absolute necessity to produce a good detailed painting!

This snapshot was taken at the end of my first LONG day of painting.

The second day of painting was equally long as the first. I am starting to add a few details to all the elements of the painting. Actually, I don’t work in any one given order, just where the spirit happens to moves me.

The painting is nearing completion but I am too tired to continue! (I was only able to paint a half day today due to other commitments.)

Burning the midnight oil! I woke at 12.30 AM and just HAD to finish the painting!  Back to bed at 2.30 AM.

In the clear light of day I discovered that I wasn’t finished with the painting after all!  I realized that the bottom of the vase and the silver pastry holder looked too much alike in color  and the viewer of the painting would have trouble telling where one started and the other stopped. My solution was to rework the entire vase, a scary  enterprise for me to try and paint an object that is from my imagination and have it fit in with the rest of the painting in regards to realism. The painting took about one week in all. It was fun to paint, as I enjoy the challenge of detail and this painting “Coffee Party” had plenty of that! The photo above is not a snapshot like the earlier photos. This was taken outside on a sunny day, using a tripod. The difference in color is due to flash being used for the earlier snapshots with me standing on  chair photographing the painting. I find daylight works best for me to obtain a color true photograph and I also use a tripod in order to carefully zoom in on the painting.

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Some last details! I added a red flower (to the left of the curtain). There was a color difference to the background and I was not able to repair it properly to match the wall color, so adding the flower worked well here. I noticed that the top left of the curtain seemed unfinished, and was the color of the wall which didn’t make sense. I tried painting it white as window frame showing and immediately realized that that was not a good idea as it brought the eye up to that unimportant spot. So I added water and blotted that out  as far as I could and then color matched to the adjacent curtain color and added in more white dots. The problem spot is now no problem to the viewer!                                                   


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