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                        My life as an artist has been anything but typical!

Born in Toronto, Canada in 1941,  I was fourteen when I discovered that I had a talent for  painting portraits in pastels. I painted a number of portraits on commission during my remaining teenage years. My parents showed my work to a prominent Toronto artist, “Adrian Dingle” and much to their surprise, he recommended very strongly that I should NOT be schooled in art, as he felt that I had developed my own technique which he felt would be adversely influenced.

During my twenties I married and had three children and in my thirties we had great life experiences living in both Guatemala and  Japan. On returning to Toronto,  I once again picked up pastels, this time painting scenes that included people or animals.  Strangely, rather than regressing during such a long period of time away from painting, I found my ability had actually improved!  The paintings I did during this period were shown and sold in a local gallery. We bought a fifty year old house while in Toronto and I ended up learning a number of house building skills and I  personally upgraded our home.

A few years later we

After a couple of years we moved  to the Los Angeles area and once again I found myself embroiled in re-modeling. Eventually I attended the UCLA Interior Design program  where my knowledge of house building melded with my artistic skills.

Upon graduating, I moved to Kauai in the Hawaiian islands and  had a great time drafting  architectural and  interior design plans for high-end homes. Hurricane Iniki hit Kauai in 1992 and the devastation was widespread. I became very busy drafting plans for many homes that required extensive re-modeling. Once rebuilding was well underway, I returned to Toronto and finally picked up painting once again, this time painting with watercolors. Other than the artwork that I had done while taking interior design,  another long period of my life had passed that did not involve painting! Again my ability had improved rather than decreased. As I had not had to mix colors while painting in pastels, I found  to my surprise  that I had the ability to unfailingly combine  the correct pigments to obtain  any color I desired. After a couple of years I returned to Kauai where I continued to paint. During this time I taught myself egg tempera as well as oil painting.

After several years on the island I moved to Illinois. Throughout these years I have been painting mainly in watercolors and oils, although  I continue with  my other two  mediums to a lesser degree. I am now at a stage in my life, (I am a grandmother of three), that I can finally devote myself to painting. Although I took the advice of the Toronto  artist  and have not been schooled  in art, I have persevered and continue to enjoy painting in my own fashion.

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